Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Status Update: 7:30am, Dec 30

I just slept on a recliner in a ridiculously cold room using coats as blankets, but it wasn't too bad. Apparently being on tour is good practice for being a dad-to-be. Shannon slept on Ambien, when not being awakened by the friendly-but-persistent nurses. As of right now, Shannon is not in what the nurse called "rip-roaring labor." The doctor will be in in the next couple of hours to decide on the course from here, but at the moment: everybody's doing fine and everybody slept fairly well.




  1. just checking in to see how the mom and dad are doing and if Isaac has any intention of making an appearance soon!

    Love Lis

  2. weird - the code word i had to type in to post the above comment was ciesecct