Saturday, January 2, 2010

I don't love you that much, child: Volume 1 - The Tummy Tub

As a boy, when I hounded my mom to the point of frustration, she would occasionally let fly with a smart remark to shut me up. One of the best came when I would demand to know why she wouldn't buy me object x: "Because I don't love you that much." I don't remember if this answer worked, but damn it was funny.

Featured Item: The Tummy Tub

This infant bath tub is "specially designed" to put baby into the idea that he is still in the womb, thus making baby more relaxed for bath time. But here's the problem. The Tummy Tub is a damn bucket. No, really, it's a bucket. And it's $45 dollars (plus 10 for the optional stand).

Apparently, being in the womb feels a lot like being the most loved mop in the world.


  1. Hey kid, I resent that. I believe what I said was I don't love you enough! Get the quote right.

  2. those kids look more afraid than secure...but i will say those jams were quite nice - do you think that's what it sounds like IN THE WOMB?

  3. I like to imagine the womb sounds kinda like Right Said Fred crossed with a Passion Play.