Friday, January 8, 2010

More hanging out in the money pit

Dear Isaac,

I know it's kinda cold here in the city, and it's probably nice and warm up there in mom. But today, mom has to visit the doctor and the hospital for more sonograms and discussion as to the plan of action. We're always super glad you're okay, and you look cute swimming around there, but it's kinda costly.

No pressure, little man, but we sure wouldn't mind if on one of these visits (now occuring at a rate of 3 a week) you decided it was time for your fashionably late entrance.

Kisses and Love, dad.


  1. good luck! have you tried punching him out? that's FREE & EFFECTIVE!

    when was the official due date again??

  2. Money was always the best motivator for you son. Hopefully it will work with Ike too.

  3. The due date was this past Tuesday, 1/05. He was estimated to weigh 9 lbs 3 oz today. He's done. No more coddling.