Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best. Nap. Ever.

Now that I'm back to working, and now that my graduate classes are back in session, I officially don't see Isaac from about 7am-11pm on Thursdays. I also had my LSAT this morning, so really, I haven't seen much of Ike the past three days.

In spite of this, we are becoming a dynamite napping duo. He gets positioned on his stomach, with his head over my heart for white noise, and after a few sleep screams, he's out, I'm out, and all is right with the world. He's the Ross to my Joey.

For about 40 minutes.

Then, it's back to this:**

Also, today Isaac's Social Security Card came. This is great news, because if that little bastard doesn't get a damn job already I'm gonna give him something to cry about. Here's a hint, little one: it's my boot in your adorable little backside.

** No, I'm not a horrible monster who takes delight in my child's tears. Well, maybe I am, but not in front of people. The video was taken in one of the "Clearly, I'm hungry, but the soft-serve machine isn't on yet" moments. You see, babies don't appreciate the whole "I NEED 1 MINUTE" thing. Which is one more thing Isaac and I have in common.


  1. this is how I act when I'm hungry, too. Human nature.

  2. Sort of like farting in one's sleep?