Monday, March 22, 2010

Like Armpit Farts, Except Out His Butt

Isaac has been super gassy the last two days. Now, me, I don't mind being gassy. Matter of fact, I find it hysterical.
"Welcome to bed, honey! (FART) Loooooooooveee yooooooooou" That is unequivocally hysterical, and that shit never gets old. But for some reason, Isaac isn't so much a fan of being gassy. Truth be told, it makes him miserable, which also makes me miserable. It might make Shannon miserable as well, but too bad! It's her fault we have this issue in the first place. Apparently her boobs are filled with refried beans and egg salad. THIS IS SCIENCE!!

Anyway, we're pulling out all the stops trying to get him pushing out all the farts. We've tried all sorts of positions, massages, and even prolonged, torturous exposure to Oprah Winfrey, but even the promise of a break from that windbag can't get his wind to break sufficiently.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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