Thursday, May 13, 2010

Isaac's Present From Uncle Tim

Ike's uncle sent the little man a new stuffed friend. This brings the 4 month old's collection of stuffed animals to something like 200. Or at least, I'm publicly stating the collection is his. In reality, I get way more enjoyment out of them than he does to this point. Mostly he just gurgles and chews on them. DON'T CHEW ON CRENSHAW! YOU WILL GET HIM ALL SLIMY!!!! Babies have like, ZERO imagination. Crenshaw is the duly elected Prime Minister, serving faithfully the will of his polyester-filled electorate, working under the paternal-but-judicious figurehead king, Moosie. Yes, I am an asshat.

At any rate, Isaac's new toy is a "Gryphon Hatchling." It is a World of Warcraft themed stuffed toy, depicting the adorable, green-eyed spawn of the birds that fly Alliance toons all over Azeroth as they slay mobs and run raids all in the name of defeating the Horde, who never seem to dwindle in numbers due to respawns. One time when I was levelling my warlock on a PvP server, the Gryphon Master at Loch Modan had been whacked by a Horde player, and I had to wait for him to repop so I could fly over to Stragglethorn Vale. Totally felt like a noob.  Yes, I am an asshat.

Anyway, here's Isaac playing with his new toy.


  1. I told you, the things painfully cute. I also think its funny that its head is almost as big as Ikes.


  2. Hey asshat it looks like you are trying to suffocate your son with that thing. Also please define asshat. Is that an actual hat one wears on one's ass or is it an ass one wears as a hat?