Monday, August 16, 2010

A new parking spot in Park Slope.

Alice and I took Isaac to the Rite Aid on 5th Ave. today to pick up a few things. This happened while we were at the cash registers. About 15 feet to our right, the wall imploded. Seems a car went through it. There were no serious injuries. Isaac didn't even notice, but he and I skidaddled outside ASAP. Alice paid for her stuff before leaving. This is the girl who toughed out the London bombings with me. Hardcore.


  1. Wait, that's not it, is it? I thought the car drove in front first... because the driver was facing the building. But that could also be my flawed memory.

    We are great at avoiding disasters.


  2. Yep. He went through backwards.
    I'm glad we seem to be able to avoid disasters because we are certainly able to find them!

  3. I've been eating Almond Joy all day, so I'm glad I stayed in to pay for it.