Monday, August 16, 2010

Prospect Park Zoo

Okay, so I know the title of this post refers to the zoo. We'll get to that, but first I want to recap a little event of yesterday evening.

Poor little (okay, not so little) Hurricane has had quite the diaper rash this week. We've had some long afternoons in the park hanging out sans diaper and it's clearing up nicely. Last night, after his bath, I decided Isaac could use a few more minutes without a diaper before gong to bed; the blanket was on its way to the laundry anyway, and the wood floor underneath could handle a little tinkle if need be.

Several weeks ago, we drove to Michigan to visit family and friends. On the way back we experienced what David named an "assacre." Long recap short - one of my favorite little outfits was cut off the poor child in the back seat of the rental car and deposited in a trash bin somewhere in Pennsylvania. Lets just say the poop wasn't EVERYWHERE, but it was everywhere.

Back to last night, David has been away for a week and my lovely friend Alice is visiting from Montreal. She proved herself to be the sporting type. We were enjoying our scrumptious Thai dinner (thanks, Alice!!) while watching the babe roll around squeaking happily on the floor. I notice a peaceful look on his face accompanied by an, "Ahhhhhh." He's peeing. No big deal. He's not even on the blanket, it's only puddling on the wood floor. Piece of cake - wipes in hand, I attack the puddle even as it grows.

"POOP!" yells Alice. Again, no sweat. I'm already there with a garbage bag and a packet of wipes. I go to town. I think I'm doing alright until I see the poop has made it to the floor. Baby Ike, on his tummy, is now swimming in poo. Alice, wonderful, not-grossed-out Alice, agrees to take him to the bathroom so we can spray him off in the shower. On the way, the poo gets mashed underneath his feet and between his toes. I follow trying to wipe up as we make a trail to the bath. I step in it with both feet. I'm outside the bath cleaning as quickly as I can when I hear Alice shriek. There's more. LOTS more. Pee and poo. EVERYWHERE! Note the caps. Now this is an ASSACRE!!

We finally manage to get things under control. After dozens of baby wipes, a shower and a Swiffering later, we at long last get to sit down to finish our cold Thai dinner. It was still delicious.

Now pictures of the zoo:

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