Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where We've Been.

Yeah, not a lot of posts lately. Why? Well, frankly because Isaac is boring. Oh, sure. He eats finger foods now. And he does stuff like the above. You know, boring, same ol' same ol'.
Actually, it's like this. Our camera busted. Which means that although all sorts of fun stuff has been going on in little Isaac's world (NEW SHOES ZOMG!!!), we can't document it. We've got a loaner on the way, but with no camera--no pictures. And you sure as hell don't want to come here just to see what I have to say about MSU football and how much my back hurts (team is good, back hurts bad). Basically, we got nothin' right now.
So here's the last of the pictures and videos from our now dead camera. Enjoy. Have a great weekend. Send money. No, really. Send money, you selfish jerks.
Love, the Martins.


  1. The camera that's on its way isn't a loaner. It's a brand new on that's all yours. I sent it because I need weekly pictures of the cutest baby ever!

  2. You are too kind - and are now the impetus of our more frequent photo taking and posting!