Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ike-anese, Volume I

A not-at-all-exhaustive, not alphabetical list of some of Isaac's words and their English translations.

  • Ca-Ca -  Coffee. True fact: Isaac really likes coffee. He saw some young parents drinking coffee while swinging in the playground and kept pointing and saying "CA-CA!" over and over. He thinks this stuff is great. That's daddy's bad.
  • Tee - Tree.
  • Fawa - Flower. In certain cases, leaves on trees can be flowers.
  • Nagk - Snack.
  • Nana - Banana
  • Ah-pee - Airplane. Since we live in Park Slope, which is in the flight paths of New York airports, Isaac will use this word once every two minutes on clear days.
  • Gah - Car.
  • Buh! - Bus. This must, absolutely MUST, be said with enthusiasm. That's a BUS, DAMMIT!
  • Da - Dog. Prospect Park has offleash hours in the mornings, so once or twice a week Isaac ends up running maniacally around with the hundreds of dogs in the park, screaming this word, followed by the un-un-un-un-un sound he makes while running.
  • Ya - Yes
  • Ah guh(n). - All gone. This means that whatever we were eating at the moment is no longer available.
  • Tay - Train. Isaac has absolutely fallen in love with Thomas the Train. Any Thomas selection at any toy store in the city is always met with a "Whooooooaa!" He has a quickly growing collection of little wooden Thomas engines that he loves to carry everywhere he goes.
  • Ah - Cee - Ice Cream. Although, he was saying this while eating hummus. So I think he might think hummus is a flavor of ice cream. And he may be onto something.
  • Uh Nuh - Oh no! I have dropped my tay or my buh into daddy's ca-ca, spilling it all over the da! And now daddy's sad his coffee is ah gun!


  1. Why do all my comments keep not posting?! Argh. Anyway, for the second time, I think there should be a video of Isaac talking!

  2. I'll try. Sometimes he gets too interested in the camera and clams up!

  3. I bet you're crafty enough to do it!