Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ike's New Favorite Word

Isaac's language and concept acquisition has been remarkable of late. Every day he's picking up one to three new words or ideas, and has begun using them with some frequency. This has for the most part been great, however at bedtime Friday, the first of the drawbacks of Ike's skills made itself apparent.
At 7:35, his usual bedtime, Isaac, when presented with his lovey, shook his head. "Okay," we agreed. He's had a busy day, and we'll let him unwind for a few minutes.

At 7:45, when presented again with his lovey, Isaac shook his head "no" again. Suddenly, the cuteness was gone. The next five minutes were a combination of screaming horror and head-shaking so violent that daddy had whiplash. Finally, a lovey was shoved into Isaac's hands and a screaming toddler was put into bed, quickly sung to, and left to scream. He lasted about 30 seconds before sleep overtook him. The lesson? Daddy is mean, loveys are soft, and "no" only gets you so far when you're 15 months old and your parents are exhausted.

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