Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Hurricane Hits the Party Hard

Hey baby. I couldn't help but come over and say hello. Can I buy you a drink?

Yeah. The threads; you like 'em? Course you do. That's real synthetic fleece, baby.

Mmmm. You look like you could dance. May I join you on the floor?

Oh, shorty, you got me working here. Shake what your mama gave ya.

Yeah, I like your size. Maybe we could go back to the crib and just see what happ- wait...

Hey. HEY! What up? Can you not see that the lady was clearly with me?

Nah man. Nah. I was NOT born yesterday. You think I'm gon' come in here looking like this, and let some punk walk out that door with my lady? Nah, man. Not gonna happen. Let's do this.

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Sorry you had to see that, baby. It's just that I agree with TLC: a lady lookin' like class can't get with a deadbeat ass. No scrubs. You know?

Anyway, as I was saying, my ride's outside. You in?

Course you are. CAN I GET A WHAT?!


  1. Holy fucking shit. This fucking baby is the fucking jam, and I can't WAIT to be there for his first fight. I bet he's got a little fisher price glock hidden somewhere in that fucking fleece.

    What a fucking awesome baby. Isaac, fuck you, you're the fucking shit.

  2. Ike looks like if an eagle got mixed with a griffin, making a super awesome griffin with two beaks and four wings. Totally powerful and majestic.

  3. Only if one of the eagles was the illegitimate love-child of Bruce Lee and Isis.