Monday, January 18, 2010

Isaac's one-week anniversary

As of 3:50pm, Isaac is officially one-week old. To celebrate, we had a short walk through Nolita, and a trip to the doctor. Who says you can't party once you have a kid! Certainly not me, and heck, even if I did, you wouldn't be able to hear me what wit' all dat noize goin' on up in da club!

Anyway, here's the status update. Isaac has put on 5 oz. since leaving the hospital, putting him in the 81% percentile of babies his age at 9lb, 5oz. His color is good (apparently the doctor is either happy with his pinkish hue, or is a complete racist), and all signs point to a normal, healthy baby.

More importantly, I want to take this opportunity to gloat. Isaac was insanely fussy over the weekend, and because he's going the natural route for milk (that is to say, he's workin' them ta-tas), the concern was expressed by family and friends that he may not be getting enough to eat. I, making like Hurricane, poo-pooed the idea, and felt that we just hadn't gotten to his "sweet-spot" for affection and soothing. Isaac's strong weight gain over the week proves me right. This is wholly unimportant, and we thank friends and family so much for the thoughts, ideas, and commiseration, but since this may not happen again over the next 18 years of me thinking about my son; I WAS RIGHT!

That is all.

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