Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beagle's Big Day

The night before Shannon and Isaac came home, I went to a paper store. I was looking for a piece of posterboard to make a sign for Shannon to see once she got in (I know, I know, I'm a mensch). While at the store, I noticed a blank greeting card featuring a beagle that looked suspiciously like ours. I bought the card, and wrote the following inside:
Dude?! What the Fuck?
<3, Beebs.

It was really just meant to give Shannon a quick laugh, but as it turns out, it was oddly prescient regarding the Beebles-dog's response to our newest pack member. On the day Isaac came home, every cry was met with a weary growl. Over the next several days Bebe got more curious, but never too excited.

Cut to last night, when our friends Dan and Katie came over to make dinner for mommy and me. At one point, Shannon had let Isaac sleep on the couch, bundled in for safety. Katie approached Isaac, and out of nowhere, our terrific dog growled gently at Katie, positioning herself in between the two as if to say "I like you and all lady, but I WILL kill you if try to hurt him." She repeated the warning growl when Dan leaned over to look at Isaac a few minutes later. Awesome as our friends are, they are NOT part of the pack as far as the beagle is concerned. Isaac on the other hand is, and is entitled to all rights and privileges accorded to pack members, including a smelly, four-legged bodyguard.

Sometimes dogs do specific things to remind you why they are pretty damn great. Last night, the Beebs delivered a brilliant performance.

Oh, and the baby is still so friggin adorable:

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