Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Newest Game Sensation: Meth Lab or Newborn?

As you, gentle reader, are no doubt well aware, I deserve to be filthy rich. Fortunately, I have just struck on the game show idea of a life time:


Simple premise: you see two pictures very briefly, and have to make the call: are you looking at a meth lab, or a home with a newborn child?


The one on the bottom is a meth lab in Palermo. The one on the top is my kitchen. See! Awesome, right?

You know you'd watch this. And you know you'd shell out all of your money to me, its rightful owner. Please be sure to leave adoration and bank account numbers in the comments section.


  1. You could also play "Meth-head or New Parent"...flash a pic of each and see if the player can guess which is either a crazed druggie or a sleep deprived mama/papa.

  2. Actually, I have another game show idea, that will ironically involve meth and meth addicts.