Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things I learned today

1) If you were the "not at home" parent for any period of time, your arrival home will be greeted immediately with full responsibility for the child.

I got off of work at 3, was at the hospital by 3:45, and changing my first diaper by 3:52. Good afternoon to you, too, little one.

2) Within 2 days, all sorts of things you thought were silly not days before a child's birth will seem ESSENTIAL

I'm going to Babys R' Us tomorrow to pick up disposable changing stations pads and "Wee Blocks," which are colorfully decorated cups designed to limit the spray of baby boy pee during the tense few moments of diaper changing. The latter is especially important, as today Isaac hosed hospital curtains, his shirt, his face, and the window sill.

3) Moms are awesome

Seriously, it comes from birth: sometimes, you really just need your mom. Maybe some cuddle, maybe some listening, maybe just presence. But when you need it, nothing else works.

4) My child is already adopting my personal traits

My mom points out that I didn't suck my thumb as much as sticking two fingers in my mouth. Isaac is 1 day old, and does this, too. Cut to his first words being unfit for network television, a serious glaring problem, and a never-ending amusement with farts.

5) I am in for a 20+ year lesson in patience

Oh? Still upset? Diaper's good? Yeah? Hungry? No? You want to bounce a little? No? Gentle rocking? No? Too cold? Too hot? Need to lay? Need to be held? Hey mom, you want to try? No? Well, could you anyway? That's not it either, little guy?...

More photos to come, promise.

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  1. Actually using the new diaper to cover while removing the old is the easiest way to avoid the spray issue.
    You forgot Ike's WTF expression being the same as yours.
    When you screamed your head off the only thing that worked, aside from peppermint extract on the nuk. was being swaddled and held very tightly and walked. Remember he had very little room before birth so the snugness may help.