Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Isaac photo load 2

Okay, here's some photos, pre/post a-baby'n. More will come, until we become those awful, awful, too-proud parents who can't help themselves, insisting for a solid 20 minutes that Isaac is a unique super-genius because he stared out the window for half an hour BEFORE farting and crying.

In the meantime, a little thank-you to the unknown inventor of the pacifier. May he be getting everything he wants up in heaven, be it fancy food and drink, HBO On Demand, or all the kittens he can punch square in the face. Seriously, mysterious stranger, you are a truly great soul. Sleep tight, little man, and all within earshot.


  1. omg dudes he's flippin awesome. MY PUNCHIN FISTS ARE READY.

  2. He is so awesome looking! How much did he end up weighing? It looks like our baby is on the big side, too.