Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1000 Impressions!!! Photo Load 4

So, we've been getting read by between 30-100 people a day for the last couple weeks. This is of course small potatoes, but considering I know roughly 4 people, and Isaac is just coming around to the creepy bearded man making faces at him, it's impressive to me. Additionally, having monetized this blog, I am now qualified to enter the ranks of the professionals. For the month of January, I made an estimated six dollars and eighty-seven cents.

To celebrate these mundane achievements, please enjoy the following photo load.


  1. Dear Isaac - you are going to get SO much pussy when you're slightly older. (Can I say that on this blog? Pussy?)

  2. Considering that the F-bomb has been dropped by me several times, with soooo many more to come, anyone BUT you can say Pussy on this blog.