Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grandma's Rules For Parents

Grandma Sullivan left this note on the refrigerator door when she visited us recently. As such, I should probably give her credit for these rules, but screw it. I'm the guy with the blog read by literally multiple people. Anyway, I dare all six of you not to say "Awww" at least three times while reading my COMPLETELY ORIGINAL CONTENT.

Patent Pending Patent Pending Patent Pending.

1) Babies Cry. Sometimes for no discernable reason.
2) Parents can't change rule number 1
3) Your child won't remember the mistakes, only the love.
4) Take care of yourselves, too.
5) Take any help that's offered
6) Decide for yourselves if offered advice makes sense.
7) You really can do this.
8) Breathe.
9) It will get easier almost every day.
10) When things aren't getting easier, see rules 8 and 9.
11) You have a support system, regardless of how far away it is. Call any time for any reason.
12) It's okay to cry. It will usually help you feel better.

I know right? I'm brilliant.


  1. Awwwww x 6. I think I count as multiple multiple people.

  2. Yes, but do you LITERALLY count as multiple multiple people?

  3. Love the rules, love the picture more. I wish V made this face.

  4. I really think I might. You'll have to ask Shannon.


  5. Thanks Shannon. I feel appreciated. And not just because it is staff appreciation week at school.