Friday, February 12, 2010

Isaac's first day of his second month on the third rock

Yesterday, February 11th, was Isaac's one-month anniversary as a human. To celebrate, I went to work my two jobs from 7am-4:30pm, caught the train to my 5pm class, ate a really crappy slice of pizza (CCNY, your cafeteria is the culinary equivalent of one of those burps that gets stuck in your throat), and got to my 7:30pm class. Plus side? I don't have to do any of that next week.

Currently, all of the members of the Martin Family have some kind of cold. I have it the worst. My throat feels like I've been drinking nothing but sandpaper and gristle milkshakes for the last week. Isaac is handling it better than me, as his symptoms appear to be the occasional sneeze and a slightly upset tummy from the sinus drainage. Apparently on his birthday Isaac threw up all over mommy during a shopping trip in Williamsburg. Don't worry dude, I feel the same way when I am in Williamsburg.


  1. 1. We were actually in Park Slope.

    2. How do you know you have it the worst? Maybe I just don't complain as much!

    3. I love you.

  2. Isaac looks so much like Shannon! <3

  3. You think so? I think he looks just like my Dad... He does have my dimple, though.