Tuesday, March 2, 2010

24 minutes in the life of Isaac

This post is for David, who sometimes thinks Isaac
has a personal vendetta against him.

Here is Isaac. He's just started to tell me he's hungry. I set him down to go get his bottle ready. See how happy he is?

Here is Isaac about 4 minutes later. I've made the bottle with all the love in my heart and offered it to him in hopes of nourishing his little body. He doesn't care. He wants no part of it. He prefers dining à la boob, but he did that a half hour ago and mommy needs a break. See how unhappy he is?

Here is Isaac about 9 minutes later. He has finally realized that the bottle is still pretty awesome - and that right now it's bottle or nada. See how content he is?

Here is Isaac about 3 minutes post bottle. So super sorry for the unflattering angle, little dude. It's difficult to film while holding you and fending off the cat butt that's hovering all too close to my face. See how chill he is?

Here is Isaac about 7 minutes after that. He's back to being his cuddly best - and wide awake... Mommy sure would be happy if you took a little nap. See how patient The Beebs is as Isaac gets all the attention? Good dog.

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