Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Photo Load

So, hey! Here's Isaac in his first of the "4 generations worth" of family! I've got nothing to add at the moment, since I spent the last two days writing the first 10 or so pages of my graduate thesis, with the next ten set up to go. So instead I'll take the opportunity to lovingly remind you that I am a professional blogger now. I've saved my earnings so far, and let's just say that the first 13% of Isaac's first college textbook is PAID FOR!

"HOLY HELL HOW CAN I HELP!?!?" You are undoubtedly yelling at your computer screen. First, you can stop yelling; the baby's asleep. Second, you can just every now and again click on one of those exciting links to your right! It's that easy! No viruses or nothing, and between you and me, you really COULD use an eyebrow threading.

1 comment:

  1. Forget the threading! It's the 'explain death to children' link that has my eyebrows raised.