Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Nighty-Night Photo Load (Now With More Shannon!)

Isaac has developed a new nightly ritual, beginning just before 8 o'clock. He will begin by being a little TOO into the world around him. Daddy's making noise? YEAH! Mommy's walking through the living room? HOLY GOD, THAT'S GREAT! The dog is wiping its ass on the rug? BRILLIANT!

Of course, what he's really trying to do is stay awake. Now, I know that his little brain is just beginning to consistently process shit and junk and stuff, and consequently he's discovering new, great things all the time (I HAVE FINGERS?!?!), but really dude, you NEED. TO. SLEEP.

Around 8:15, the blow-out begins. Ike will begin screaming uncontrollably, and it's the worst cry in the world, because it's loud and it's awful and I KNOW HOW TO FIX IT, but he just doesn't want it fixed yet. This takes 5-10 minutes, and then invariably, he wants 1-2 ounces of milk. My baby isn't 3 months old yet, but he wants a damn night cap.

After last call, Isaac settles into his swing for rotating fish and a staring contest. The point of this staring contest isn't to beat dad (I'm surprisingly good at staring contests), it's to have something to focus on while he fights sleep. Then, the blinking starts. The blinks get longer, and more frequent, but always get followed by hastily opened baby eyes. Then one one blink, and he forgets to open them. And DOWN GOES FRAZH-AH!

It's an amazing thing to literally watch a person fall asleep. Sweet dreams, Das Chunk. I'll be here when you wake.

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  1. Shannon is looking so beautiful!!

  2. Even if it's your momma she's not lyin'!

  3. Not your mama. Just a random, pervy stranger.

    No, not really. It's Lauren!

  4. dude! these are so cute and he's getting FAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT AND I LOVVVVVEEEEE IT.

  5. Yes, our little dude does a similar thing at night. He's almost 12 weeks old.